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Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Level Kids:
5:45-6:45 pm

Level Adults:
6:45-8:00 pm
Level Kids:
5:45-6:45 pm

Level Adults:
6:45-8:00 pm
Level Kids:
5:45-6:45 pm

Level Adults:
Tai Chi
6:45-8:00 pm
Level Kids:
5:45-6:45 pm

Level Adults:
6:45-8:00 pm

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Adult Classes

shaolin kung fu There are many benefits for learning martial arts. Some of them are:
  • Lose weight
  • Get stronger
  • Gain confidence
  • Become physically fit
  • Improve your flexibility
  • Improve mental focus
  • Learn discipline
  • Improve coordination
Kung Fu: This includes all basics, hand forms, weapon (long and short) forms, and tumbling. At Shaoling Kung Fu Center our method is based on the two following styles:
  • Traditional Shaolin Kung Fu: Traditional Shaolin Kung Fu is part of the long fist (Chang Quan) family. The movements, like stepping, kicking and punching can be short, simple and versatile. While fighting in the Shaolin style, one advances and retreats in a straight line, making the style simple, fast, and effective.
  • Eagle Claw (Yingzhao Quan): The 108 Eagle Claw techniques originated as a military style, attributed to the famous general Yue Fei, and was taught to soldiers in case they were unarmed. The grappling skills of Eagle Claw allowed an unarmed soldier to combat against an armed opponent. Later, a monk named Li Quan added the style of Fanzi Quan (Tumble Boxing) to complete this system. As its name implies, Eagle Claw uses a devastating claw, accupoint strikes, as well as punching, kicking and throwing.

Free Fighting:
  • Level One: Chinese Boxing involves all the techniques of Chinese martial arts. When teaching Chinese Boxing, we differentiate between sport and street fighting. Level One Class focuses on skills, fitness, and conditioning. It will be an intense (but scalable) workout to build the warrior spirit in you. Level one involves minimal contact between students.
  • Level Two: Builds on the skills learned in level one. There is more contact and sparring in the class. Students will be able to learn the rules of competition for sports fighting. Learn the difference between sport fighting and real combat. Students of intermediate rank and up are allowed to attend. Students are required to bring their own equipment to class (face guard, mouth guard, hand and foot guards, and cup).

eagle claw chin naStreet Based Reality Self-Defense: Self-Defense should be quick,simple, and effective. At Shaolin Kung Fu Center we teach you techniques (derived from Shaolin and Eagle Claw Kung Fu) that keep you safe in the modern world.

Chin Na: Chin Na is a Chinese term used for catching and locking. At Shaolin Kung Fu Center we use our Eagle Claw martial art techniques that control or lock an opponent's joints or muscles/tendons so he cannot move. Chin Na is used to neutralize an opponent's fighting ability.

Tai Chi: Of the five major family styles of Tai Chi, Chen Style is the most dynamic and athletic. One of its unique attributes in relationship to other styles is its emphasis on �spiraling� energy, called Reeling Silk. This fundamental quality of movement is at the core of the entire system, and is much emphasized in Margerys approach to teaching. Correctly practiced, with close attention to the fundamental principles of Tai Chi, the practice confers strength, flexibility and the generation of energy that greatly enhances health and longevity.

Kids Classes

4-6 year olds: At Shaolin Kung fu Center, classes for your child will be AGE SPECIFIC. We understand that younger students have a shorter attention span. The key to instructing your child at this young age is breaking the classes into smaller sections and keeping it fun and exciting. The classes for 4-6 year olds is 30 minutes. Teaching in this way ensures that classes are fun and will hold the interest of a 4, 5, and 6 year old. We use a technique of teaching in which we disguise repetition. What that means is that there are many ways of practicing the same thing. The blocks and punches practiced in the air during warm up can also be practiced on the heavy bag during the second section of class. The same movements can be practiced against a live opponent during the obstacle course. This technique allows your child to grasp every component of class. Their confidence increases each time something new is learned. Our school's instruction can develop you child's hand-eye coordination, balance, reaction, and motor skills. Our school's philosophy in instructing your child is that praise, encouragement, and positive reinforcement are the only things that really work.

7-12 year olds: Classes at Shaolin Kung Fu Center for juniors are 60 minutes long and are much more in depth than the 4-6 year old class. Each class is very structured and has a specific theme for the day. Junior classes are broken into sections. In the first section of class, instruction begins with deep breathing and stretching. The next section of class is an intense physical warm up. This prepares the children at our school for self defense training. Self defense training consists of play fighting with light contact to teach range, timing and how to apply what was taught during the warm up. Self Defense may include striking, kicking, joint manipulation and throwing and takedowns. Students start by slowly moving outside of their own comfort zone. As they progress they attempt increasingly difficult kung fu moves. This makes them see that life is never ending commitment to improvement. They learn to create a destiny for themselves. The last section of class is where we start to teach the mental side of martial arts.

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Shaolin Kung Fu Center
284 Bridge St. 3rd Floor
Springfield MA, 01103.
(door to left of Oriental Rug store.)

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